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Postfix Stuff

Postfix is an open source, fast, secure and modular mail transfer agent for Unix. It aims to be a sendmail replacement that is mostly sendmail compatible from the user's point of view.


postfix-20031026-foreground.diff: a patch to add a "start-foreground" option to postfix-script (also applies against 20031204), useful when Postfix is supposed to be started from init, runit or daemontools.


Configuration and Operation

UPDATED 2006-11-23: A Bourne Shell script to find log information associated with a particular Message-ID. Modified BSD license. The new version 0.4 now supports systems that add [ID SSSS mail.SSSS] to the log (where SSSS is any character sequence). Version 0.5 avoids repeating message lines containing "... queued as 123456789A)" in wrong context blocks. A Perl script to reformat Postfix' mailq(1) output to a one-mail-per-line style, for easy grepping or quick overview. If the standard input is a terminal, the script reads via pipe from /usr/bin/mailq, otherwise it does the usual Perl <> magic, i. e. you can pipe into it, you can redirect its standard input, or you can give it a file name.

Examples: | less -S
mailq >file file | grep from=badguy A script for sh/ksh/bash-style shells to convert a vpopmail directory structure to Postfix' virtual_mailbox_maps. This prevents delayed bounces (a must) and -- unless you use quotas -- can also be used to speed up delivery by using Postfix' virtual(8) agent rather than using pipe(8) to inject the mail into qmail.

HOWTO-maildrop.html: how to configure maildrop for use with Postfix.

fix-maildrop-NO_USER.diff (against versions before 1.6.0)
fix-maildrop-NO_USER-1.6.0.diff (against 1.6.0): a patch against all recent maildrop versions up to 1.6.0 to make it return EX_NOUSER rather than EX_TEMPFAIL when it cannot find the user.
Update: Maildrop 1.6.1 no longer needs this patch.
Handy when maildrop is used as a postfix transport, because local_recipient_maps currently only apply to mail coming in via smtpd, not to mail coming in via sendmail. Only to be used IN ADDITION to local_recipient_maps!

dialup.html: tips for using Postfix in a dialup machine (or generally, machines without permanent connection to the internet)

daemontools.html: shows how to start Postfix automatically from daemontools/svscan.

maps-dul-is-wrong.html: a text by Jonathan de Boyne Pollard that tells you why you should not use MAPS' DUL service. Originally found at Note, RBL+ comprises the DUL.


vsqmail.html: my personal Postfix-vs-qmail/sendmail/exim benchmark.

bench2.html: another benchmark covering more aspects.


Matthias Andree
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