Getting started with the leafnode-2 GIT repository

Browsing the repository

You can browse the GitLab-hosted repository, click the link below to see it:

Checking out the repository

To obtain the initial copy, type either of these commands:

# To use SSH from Gitorious:
git clone

# To use HTTPS from Gitorious:
git clone

# To use HTTP from Matthias's private homepage:
git clone

Doing your first build

Auto-generated files are not part of the repository, so you must generate them before your first build.

  1. To generate configure and friends, type:
    autoreconf -iv
  2. To configure and build leafnode, type:
    mkdir -p build
    cd build
    ../configure -C
  3. Then install as usual.

Updating your repository

Switch to your working directory, then type:

git pull

Submitting patches

To submit your modifications, send a patchbomb:

git format-patches -o sendqueue origin
git send-email --no-chain-reply-to --compose \
  --subject "MEANINGFUL SUBJECT" \
  --to '' sendqueue/

Alternatively, you can expose your repository and send the URL to pull from.

Further reading

The GIT homepage
The leafnode-2 homepage

Matthias Andree, 2014-08-06