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This is the home page of leafnode-2, which is currently under development. It branched off Cornelius Krasel's leafnode 2.0b8, and I took over maintainership in early 2002.

This intermediate result is not solely my achievement, Clemens Fischer, Stefan Wiens, and Jörg Dietrich helped a lot contributing code; Ralf Wildenhues, Robert Grimm, and Raymond Scholz sent a lot of bug fixes, many people helped with suggestions and bug reports. Also, we'd need to credit the SPLint team for their SPLint (formerly known as LCLint) tool.

If you use this version, please subscribe to the leafnode mailing list.

The current development snapshot is 2.0.0.alpha20140727b.tar.bz2 [signature],
look at the NEWS or ChangeLog files. Leafnode-2 is currently hosted in a GIT repository, click here to see the instructions.
The Lua scripting support is courtesy of Clemens Fischer.

The leafnode-2 FAQ is now available in HTML format and in PDF format.

I have patches against previous versions that are a much smaller download than the full tarball.

Note that your patch command must set the file times right unless you have the most recent autoconf and automake installed.
When using GNU patch, use -Z, for example:
gpg --verify upgrade-20031009a-to-20031019a.patch.gz.asc && \
gunzip -c -d upgrade-20031009a-to-20031019a.patch.gz | patch -Z -p1

The current alpha versions are of better quality as the older and unmaintained 2.0b* or 2.0b*_ma* versions.

The .asc files are GnuPG signatures. Use them to verify the integrity of the download. The necessary key files are available from the PGP key servers.

If you don't have bzip2, a freely available good compressor, get it from http://www.bzip.org/. Its use is similar to gzip's, but it compresses significantly better.