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History of Stable Versions Before 1.11

1.10.8 (released 2005-01-21)


1.10.7 (released 2004-11-22)




1.10.6 (released 2004-09-22)



1.10.5 (released 2004-08-26)


1.10.4 (released 2004-08-15)



1.10.3 (released 2004-07-28)



1.10.2 (released 2004-07-20)


1.10.1 (released 2004-06-23)



1.10.0 (released 2004-06-10)



1.9.54 (released 2004-05-20)




1.9.53 (released 2004-05-05)



1.9.52 (released 2004-04-03)

Note: this file contains names that have been transliterated to ISO-8859-1. To see the names in their original spelling, view the CREDITS file.

If your name is shown in CREDITS only in the transliterated spelling, feel free to send a correction in UTF-8 character set.


(these are detailed below)




1.9.51 (released 2004-02-20)


1.9.50 (released 2004-02-19)






1.9.49 (released 2004-01-09)


1.9.48 (released 2004-01-09)




1.9.47 (released 2004-01-07)


Note: many of these bugs have been long-standing.



1.9.46 (released 2003-11-06)




1.9.45 (released 2003-10-30)

Fixes a bug present in all prior versions that would make fetchnews go out of synch with the server if a group name started with a dot (fetchnews then thought it had seen the end of the group list). Group names with empty components (leading or trailing or two adjacent dots) are now ignored.

1.9.44 (released 2003-10-22)

Bug fixes, among them bugfixes for posting articles to the upstream, a texpire SIGSEGV bugfix, more transparent interesting.group expiry, better debugmode documentation and a fix to the overview handling (no longer aborts with numeric components in group names).





1.9.43 (released 2003-09-04)

Assorted bug fixes, including a fix for texpire to correct groupinfo lines of "archive mode" (groupexpire -1) groups and a fix for all-numeric components in newsgroup names when the parent of such a group also contains articles. The fetchnews background process that updates the XOVER data is now much faster again, it was slow and wasteful over the past releases.

1.9.42 (released 2003-06-27)

Fixes two other important bugs and one cosmetic issue.

1.9.41 (released 2003-05-22)

Fixes a very old "leafnode keeps downloading unsubscribed groups" bug.

1.9.40 (released 2003-05-08)

This update fixes yet another bug in the snprintf replacement: leafnode 1.9.39 aborted just before printing a pseudo article (but it _did_ record that you were interested in the group, so it was a rather cosmetic bug) -- earlier versions didn't create proper time zone information for pseudo articles.

1.9.39 (released 2003-05-04)

This is a CRITICAL upgrade for leafnode servers that have downstream clients such as another leafnode that try STAT before POST. The upgrade fixes a data loss bug.

1.9.38 (released 2003-04-23)

This is a recommended update for systems that have a broken snprintf() implementation in their libc. It corrects implementation defects in the shipped replacement snprintf().

1.9.37 (released 2003-04-20)

This is a recommended bugfix update.

For a full round-up, see the NEWS or ChangeLog files.

1.9.36 (released 2003-02-25)

This bugfix update is recommended for users of leafnode-1.9.33 and newer.

1.9.35 (released 2003-02-21)

This bugfix update replaces leafnode-1.9.34 that aborts when a newsreader posts an article with Message-ID header. If you decided 1.9.33 is good enough for you, you don't need this update. If you run leafnode-1.9.34 though, you must update.

1.9.34 (released 2003-02-19)

This is a bugfix update, recommended for machines where time_t != long (usually 64-bit machines).

1.9.33 (released 2003-02-03)

This is a recommended bugfix/compatibility update.
The features that were added have been considered carefully and are deemed safe even for a "stable" release.

1.9.32 (released 2003-01-08)

This is a recommended bugfix update.

Portability: Solaris portability fixes.

Robustness: If maxage is configured too high (limit is 24855 on ix86 and many other 32-bit machines), clamp it and log a warning.

Packaging: leafnode.cron.daily wasn't regenerated properly because it was shipped. Only leafnode.cron.daily.in should be shipped.

Robustness: Detect and log errors when removing empty directories in texpire or when reading overview data.

Enhancement: fetchnews logs the child process ID after it has forked.

1.9.31 (released 2002-12-29)

This is a recommended bugfix update.

Critical: Build: The build was fixed for cases when no system PCRE library is available, and the build now accomodates for -lpcre outside the system default library path.

Serious: On some systems, only the first timeout was ever detected, the other were ignored. Fixed by Richard van der Hoff. The signal handling was changed to use the sigaction function, and the exception handling now uses the sigsetjmp/siglongjmp function set of the standard library.

Portability: fetchnews: only fork() if fork() really works. Some systems (AmigaOS) lack proper fork() support and only offer vfork(), which is not sufficient, as a vfork()ed program effectively must not do anything except exit or start another program.

Cosmetic: When fetchnews is restarted after a crash that prevented updating the active file, only print one "..as 12345 in de.test" line per group when storing the article in verbose mode to reduce screen clutter.

1.9.30 (released 2002-12-04)

This is a recommended bugfix upgrade.

A rare and subtle leafnode hang (at 100% CPU) was fixed, affecting retrieval of articles via their Message-ID and crossposted to groups when the previous GROUP command switched to a group the name of which being a prefix of another group that that article was crossposted to. Sounds complicated? Usually strikes only in badly-maintained hierarchies because well-maintained hierarchies will not let one newsgroup name be a prefix of another name.

only_groups_pcre are now also applied to LIST results, to avoid offering newsgroups that cannot be fetched.

Better error detection for the groupinfo file.

Updates to the STAT workaround, whitelisting newer NewsCache versions and blacklisting "NNTP news cache".

Leafnote will detect and delete duplicate newsgroups from its active files. An upstream server might send the same group with two names, only differing in capitalization.

The maxage = 0 configuration was broken since 1.9.21 and has now been repaired.

There have been documentation updates and some example files were added.

Fixes to the RPM build were made, for better compatibility when replacing SuSE's RPMs.

1.9.29 (released 2002-10-23)

update 2002-10-27: there is now a patch to not take "unaccepted" groups from servers when only_groups_pcre is configured.

This is a recommended bugfix update.

This fixes crashes in fetchnews, particularly with multi-upstream configurations when new groups arrive.

This also fixes multiple upstream servers with the same name, but different port.

1.9.28 (released 2002-10-21)

2002-10-22: there is now a patch to fix occasional crashes in fetchnews (when new upstream groups have arrived). Thanks to Ken Shan for tracking this down and to Ken Shan and Mark Brown for sending this patch.

This update is required for MacOS X 10.1 and newer and optional for other operating systems.

Leafnode 1.9.28 fixes the build of the embedded PCRE code on MacOS X 10.1.

Leafnode 1.9.28 adds a new server-specific option "only_groups_pcre" to restrict the set of groups downloaded or posted to that specific server.

Leafnode 1.9.28 adds a new "leafnode-version" program.

1.9.27 (released 2002-09-24)

This update is strongly recommended!

Leafnode 1.9.27 fixes a major bug on systems that have many interfaces: 1.9.23 to 1.9.26 would go into an infinite loop when the interface list exceeded 2 kByte. This is less common on home computers, so it went away unnoticed for so long.

The TROUBLESHOOTING document has been merged into the refurbished FAQ, which is now a DocBook XML document and also ships in PDF format.

The build on non-IPv6 aware operating systems was fixed and minor 64bit fixes were made.

1.9.26 (released 2002-09-20)

Leafnode 1.9.26 fixes minor bugs in fetchnews that lead to bogus error messages when everything is fine, and fixes texpire aborting if the directory /var/spool/news/lost+found exists but is not executable for the "news" user, and it adds missing documentation. Updating from versions 1.9.24 or older is strongly recommended to fix real bugs, updating from version 1.9.25 is recommended to avoid confusion.

1.9.25 (released 2002-08-30)

Leafnode 1.9.25 fixes some old and new bugs. Particularly BSD-based systems will need the fixes to local interface detection.

Two tiny glitches happened, I hosed the path in UNINSTALL-daemontools, and I forgot to ship doc_german/LIESMICH-daemontools. Here is a patch that remedies this (leafnode-1.9.25.patch01).

INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES (towards standards conformance): The output format of LIST EXTENSIONS no longer has a leading whitespace, in anticipation of upcoming NNTP standards. HDR/XHDR when used with a Message-ID now return that Message-ID in front of the header as per RFC-2980 (this fixes RFC-2980 conformance).

Important changes of this release


Leafnode (the NNTP server part):


1.9.24 (released 2002-07-10)

Leafnode 1.9.24 fixes some long-standing and critical bugs and offers some minor new features. As it was released shortly after 1.9.23, the 1.9.23 changes are documented here again.

The changes over 1.9.23 are few yet important:

  1. showstopper: fix for a crash with slrn; when XOVER was sent before GROUP in
  2. critical: fix for not respecting the hostname in the config file.
  3. minor: fix for not resolving addresses when IPv6 support was compiled

These changes were in 1.9.23 already:

INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Leafnode will only look at articles in out.going when they have the "u+x" (0100) permission flag set. If you have articles in out.going when you update to 1.9.23, do chmod u+x /var/spool/news/out.going/*, otherwise, they will lie around forever and never be posted.

For a more complete round-up, please see NEWS. The bloody details are in ChangeLog.txt.

Many bugs that could lead to crashes have been fixed. Among them are string boundary trespassing bugs, which are believed to be non-exploitable, but can lead to denial of service.





1.9.23 (released 2002-07-08)

Two serious bugs gave the reason to release 1.9.24 shortly after 1.9.23. The information that would belong here is above in the 1.9.24 section.

1.9.22 (released 2002-04-19)

1.9.22 fixes the broken NewsCache workaround and the hostname qualification logic. It also fixes a portability issue: it gets along without fnmatch() which broke on too many systems (Solaris 2.4, SuSE Linux 6.3, to name just two), and uses wildmat() instead.

1.9.21 (released 2002-04-08)

1.9.21 has been released on 2002-04-08 and is a stable and recommended update for all prior leafnode 1.9.x versions. [gzipped patch against 1.9.20].

Applyfilter should work again. Fetchnews recovers better from previous crashes. A time zone bug newly introduced in 1.9.20 was fixed. Some possible SIGSEGV were fixed.

Make sure you check the included NEWS and "README" files for incompatible changes against previous versions. These changes have been unavoidable for proper function.

1.9.20 (released 2002-03-25)

After several months of bit rot due to the infamous "lack of time" problem, Cornelius has for now handed over leafnode maintainership to me, Matthias Andree. Leafnode 1.9 has undergone substantial maintenance in February and March 2002, which led to a new stable release 1.9.20. This release is a recommended upgrade from all prior 1.9.x versions.

To fix some bugs, behaviourial changes were unavoidable, do make sure you read the INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES section of the NEWS file as well as the UPGRADING section of the README file that ships with the leafnode tarball -- some additional requirements to your system configuration are present, if you don't mind these (and, as needed, change your system configuration), leafnode may no longer work.

Ralf Wildenhues has contributed countless bug reports and high-quality bug fixes, and he deserves as much merits as I do. Many users have contributed their feedback, made suggestions, reported bugs, and I'm grateful for their help.

leafnode 1.9.20 fixes several bugs that older versions suffered from, among them was at least one major bug that could cause corruption of the groupinfo file under high load (it has been observed when newsreaders with off-line support start posting many articles at once). The only real new feature is that fetchnews now has XOVER support which speeds up complex filtering and can also be faster than XHDR when your upstream is an INN server.

Matthias Andree